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"Hero's the one who by telling the story, forgives the story." [entries|friends|calendar]
Craig Thompson Fans

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Craig Thompson Blog [Friday ♥ December 12th, 2008]

[ mood | amused ]

Craig Thompson has a blog. It's awesome. Go read. Now!


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[Tuesday ♥ August 14th, 2007]

Some pages in my (semi) daily sketchbook.
Not exactly formal comix, per se. But still.
I LOVE looking at other comic artists' sketchbooks (craig thompson's travelogue "carnet de voyage" comes to mind), so I thought I'd share mine.

(most recent): http://colgate.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2023438&l=85ebb&id=8701014
(old sketchbook album): http://colgate.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2021465&l=cd36f&id=8701014

some sketchbook pagesCollapse )

x-posted to comic_creators
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[Thursday ♥ May 3rd, 2007]
I'm a HUGE fan, but I have to get rid of some of his stuff. I'll get it back when I'm rich, haha. Oh, I'm the one that sold that APE 2003 Poster, last year.

DHorse Deluxe Journal: Craig Thompson's Angels and Demons Journal
Dark Horse Maverick: Happy Endings
Conversation #1
Comic Book Artist Vol.2 #1
Scatterbrain (Hard Cover, Scatterbrain #1-4)
Carnet De Voyage
Blankets (Soft Cover)

Starting Bid: $15.00
Shipping: $10.00

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thoughts on graphic novels' evolution [Wednesday ♥ November 29th, 2006]

[ mood | geeky ]

Graphic Novels as Appropriation of Mass Culture

Graphic novels are a group of books containing illustration-based narratives. Graphic novelists, at their best, are masters of techniques of appropriation. For example, in Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi appears to borrow heavily from conventions both of comics and of children's picture books. However, graphic novels emerge as an artistic representation of mass media and its role in our lives that, like other works that incorporate popular culture into the fine arts, seek to rise above their mass-culture influences.

Graphic novels are constantly in conversation with mass culture forms...Collapse )

Enjoy! What do you all think?

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craig thompson comic books for sale... CHEAP! [Monday ♥ September 4th, 2006]

click here for a CHEAP copy of Good-bye, Chunky Rice:

click here for a SIGNED copy of Carnet de Voyage:
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I'm selling this poster on eBay! [Tuesday ♥ May 23rd, 2006]



Comic Book Artist #1, Vol. 2 (Features a Craig Thompson sketchbook!)

Starting Bid: $1.50
S & H: $5.00
Payment: PAYPAL
Size: 13 x 19
Condition: Freaking awesome 'cause I've never taken it out of the poster tube!

It came as an extra in a Top Shelf order.
Add it to your Craig Thompson collection!

Oh, I'm looking for the MOCCA poster.
I can't find it anywhere!

Sorry if the picture is too big.
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Craig Thompson tattoo! [Tuesday ♥ May 23rd, 2006]

I've been showing this to anyone who will look, but you guys will really appreciate this.
I have pet birds. I rescue pet birds. I rescue wild birds. I just plain love birds, and am a "crazy bird lady." So, obviously, Merle speaks to me. Now, he comes everywhere with me.
doot dootCollapse )
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Craig appearance in San Francisco 05/23/06 [Tuesday ♥ May 9th, 2006]

[ mood | amused ]

Hey everyone,

For those in the San Francisco Bay Area, Craig Thompson will be at the Booksmith on Haight to promote the Pantheon reprint of "Goodbye, Chunky Rice."

at the Booksmith, 1644 Haight Street, San Francisco, California 94117
Tuesday, May 23rd // 7 pm
Reading & Booksigning


He's awfully sweet in person, so don't miss the opportunity to meet him and get your books signed! :)

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[Wednesday ♥ December 7th, 2005]

new member, first post.
this community should not be so small.
seriously. there must be more C.T. fans out there...
do we have banners or anything?

annnnd, quick question:
does anyone know when Good-bye, Chunky Rice is going to be released in '06??
i absolutely adore that book, and i was thinking it'd be a great grad present(i'm a senior) for my best friend and *possibly* my good friend/crushsincejuniorhigh. so if anyone knows that information, please let me know. =)
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Icons [Friday ♥ October 28th, 2005]

I come with gifts

Rules: (I hate doing rules)
2. No hot linking. (duh)
3. Don't have to give credite but don't claim to as yours.
4. Enjoy

1. Image hosted by Photobucket.com 2. Image hosted by Photobucket.com 3. Image hosted by Photobucket.com 4. Image hosted by Photobucket.com 5. Image hosted by Photobucket.com 6. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

More to come and feedback is nice. :)
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Blankets [Thursday ♥ August 11th, 2005]

Hey, I'm new to the community and I'm a huge fan of Craig THompson and I was just wondering if anyone knows where i can find icons from Blankets?
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Craig Thompson to leave top self. [Friday ♥ August 5th, 2005]

[ mood | shocked ]

It looks like it's going to be official.


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[Tuesday ♥ June 28th, 2005]

Here's some news about Craig Thompson switching from Top Shelf to Pantheon: http://icv2.com/articles/home/7053.html

(Shamanda: I IM'd you once and didn't get a response and I figured it's cause you thought it was some weirdo, which is understandable. I'm leighcheri1980.)
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hey there. mod here. [Monday ♥ June 27th, 2005]

[ mood | curious ]

i just realized how much i suck at being a mod. this is my first community, and i dont know much about upkeep and all that, but i figured i should do something due to the fact that we only have a few members, and less than 10 entries since last fall when i made this community.
i was wondering if we should do that thing where we "promote" and all that orrrr do you guys think its just fine the way it is?
lemme know, bc i have no idea what i'm doing. ;)

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Thompson tattoos [Monday ♥ June 27th, 2005]

I first read Blankets after the disintegration of my long term relationship with my first love and it was a comfort to me and yet it's still that depressing piece of literature that I have tucked between the mattress. I love Craig Thompson so much that i'm going to have some of the images from Blankets tattooed on my skin and I know of one other guy rocketeam who has a Blankets tattoo. Anyone else?

Once I get mine done, I will post pictures on this community.
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[Sunday ♥ March 27th, 2005]

For my fiction writing class, as an intermediary project between short stories, I have to write about the most influential author that I have read. The author that inspired me to write fiction. I also have to do a 3 minute reading of the author's work.

I chose Craig Thompson because he is the catalyst for my getting involved in comics. Before I'd read Blankets, I’d already had an underlying interest in creating comics; however, I thought it to be a superhero-oriented industry only looking for a hemogenous illustration style. I picked it up on a lark, while browsing the graphic novel section at Barnes and Noble.

The rest is obvious, I guess.

Anyway, I consider myself lucky for being able to tell him this in person last summer.

I had to read through Blankets for the first time since I finished it a couple of years ago, and it brought a lot of my appreciation for him back to the forefront of my mind, and I wanted to share.
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[Saturday ♥ March 19th, 2005]

[ mood | amused ]

I just re-read Good-Bye Chunky Rice, and was reminded of how cute an illustration of a turtle drinking a cup of tea was.

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[Sunday ♥ January 16th, 2005]

hey everyone. does anyone know EXACTLY what town Craig Thompson grew up outside of in central Wisconsin? I'm from the same area and have been wondering for some time...
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Yay [Sunday ♥ January 2nd, 2005]

I'm glad to know there are other craig thompson fans. Blankets changed my life, and that's not an understatement. I used to get kinda prissy when other people liked blankets. I mean, GAWD IT'S MY FAVORITE BOOK. NOT YOURS haha. but no i understand that most teenagers know exactly where i'm coming from
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[Friday ♥ December 24th, 2004]

Hello everybody. I wanted to share some links I have that show some work that Jon Thomposn does. Jon Thompson is Craig's brother. The art wokr in Blankets that show's Phils artwork is actually Jon's work from his older days. Anyway here are the links.

munkabum.com & restroomratings.com

Happy Holidays.
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