Shannon (shannonredhead) wrote in cthompsonfans,

For my fiction writing class, as an intermediary project between short stories, I have to write about the most influential author that I have read. The author that inspired me to write fiction. I also have to do a 3 minute reading of the author's work.

I chose Craig Thompson because he is the catalyst for my getting involved in comics. Before I'd read Blankets, I’d already had an underlying interest in creating comics; however, I thought it to be a superhero-oriented industry only looking for a hemogenous illustration style. I picked it up on a lark, while browsing the graphic novel section at Barnes and Noble.

The rest is obvious, I guess.

Anyway, I consider myself lucky for being able to tell him this in person last summer.

I had to read through Blankets for the first time since I finished it a couple of years ago, and it brought a lot of my appreciation for him back to the forefront of my mind, and I wanted to share.
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